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Glass Splashbacks

If you are looking at glass splashbacks and are trying to find the right supplier for you then you have found it! We are one of the UK leading provides of kitchen glass splashbacks that are top notch quality at very completive prices, direct from the manufacturer.

We use only highest quality of glass that is safe and fit for purpose, float glass that is heated and toughened to make sure it is suitable for use in the kitchen, particularly behind the hob. We have had countless customers come to us after their splashbacks end up cracking under the heat applied due to other companies cutting corners and using non-toughened glass, not only is this against building regulations but also extremely unsafe. Below is the process on how our glass splashbacks are made, from order to your home!

glass splashbacks paroramic view full kitchen picture

Measuring your glass splashbacks
1.Sending us your dimensions / design requirements

First thing we need when you want to order your splashbacks is the dimensions you need. If you are unsure and live local you could consider our fitting, measuring and installation service. Doing it yourself at home is pretty simple too for simple splashback sizes! All you need is a tape measure to measure the height and width in between the kitchen units and / or walls where you want your splashback to fit. We also recommend if you have one just to test to see how level the kitchen units are with a spirit level to make sure they are perfectly straight, if not you may need to order your splashback with a sloped edge so that its a snug fit. We recommend taking off 3mm for the glass tolerance and expansion.

If you are looking for a more advanced and custom shaped splashback we recommend sketching the design out on paper like the picture illustrated. This includes any curved edges, socket cut outs, lateral cuts you may need in the splashback(s). Whatever you need we can do, we just need as detailed as possible information on the exact dimensions you need for your made to measure splashback.

We also can cut your glass splashbacks from templates using materials card, mdf, wood or even sturdy paper. This allows you to see your splashback shape in person and make sure you can get the perfect size for what you need, you can alter and cut the template until its the perfect fit and can place it on the wall where you want it. You then send the template to us and we cut an exact replica into glass so we know for sure its the perfect fit. We always recommend double and even triple checking your measurements before sending to us, because once the glass its cut its impossible to resize or shape toughened glass, we will need to start the process again with a new piece of glass.

This is also the time tell us the design or colour you are looking for via phone or email and our team will work with you to get the colour you want, or the design you want produced. We can send samples of colours if required and also will send design proofs to your email before manufacturer of printed splashbacks to make sure you are happy with the look and feel of a piece before we start the manufacturing process. You can simply pick the design proof option on order so you will get proof sent to your email.

If you are unsure about anything, just contact us and our expert team will be only happy to help.

2. Cutting the glass before toughening process

Once we have your splashback measurements we will then cut float glass to your size requirements. The cutting process needs to be done before the glass is toughened. All our splashbacks have smooth polished edges that give it that extra bit of quality and also make it easier to install.

As you can see in the diagram, we have used the customers sketched requirements and cut the glass to the shape required into a T shape with a socket cutout. We will also need to have the holes drilled at this stage if you have chosen that option for fixing instead of adhesive.

The glass we use is easy to clean, very hygienic, does not smear and is water and stain resistant. It is also 6mm thick. If you would like information about the glass we use or any other types of glass such as low iron, then get in touch and we can tailor make glass splashbacks to whatever requirements you may need. You have great flexibility with these splashbacks and can be used across the whole kitchen. They can be used as back splashes, upstands or even worktops if required. They are low maintenance and will last a lifetime (no more grouting and the worry of mold and dirt getting stuck in between the tiles!).

Cut float glass before toughened

3. Toughening the glass under extreme heat

Once we have your glass cut and ready, it needs to be toughened into safety glass so that is fit for purpose and can be used for splashbacks. Normal float, or annealed glass will shatter into big shard pieces which is would be extremely unsafe and impractical for kitchen splashback use. Safety toughened glass is x4-7 times stronger than normal float glass and does not break into shards of glass, and in the unlikely chance it does break it shatters into tiny pieces making it much more safer.

We first wash and then check the glass for any imperfections that make cause it to break during the heating process such as cracks or bubbles, once we are happy the glass is heated in a oven-like glass toughening machine to extreme heat (around 620 degrees) then rapidly cooled. This process of tension and the contracting of the glass improves its resistance to thermal shock and stress, perfect for use behind a hob and its demanding heat. The colour and clarity of the glass is unaffected by this process... again keeping it crystal clear so you can see the vibrant colour or image behind the glass without any dilution.

4. Applying your design or colour

One we have the glass cut to size and toughened we can then apply the design to the splashback, in this case the sunflower print as shown. If you have chosen a colour the glass is generally sprayed. Both coloured and digitally printed splashbacks image are behind the glass, so you never have to worry about the image or colour fading, no amount of cleaning will change the colour or image because it is situated behind the glass!

You can look at the various preset coloured glass splashbacks we have on offer, we literally can do any colour of your choosing with infinite colour options. Our paint experts and mix the colour of your choosing and then spray it onto the glass with expert paint spraying tools.

If you are more interested in having an image behind the glass, then visit our printed splashbacks page to give you some general ideas or designs that people choose. We also can do any image you want, if its one you have took, a personal photo, favourite place, person or quote whatever is your imagination and you want we can do. We even have an expert design team ready and available for custom requests, just get in touch and we will see what we can do.

We can also supply you with a picture of your splashback via email if you require at this stage.

Splashback looks after printed

Left to dry and final quality checks
5. Left to dry and quality assurance

Once the splash back has been painted or print applied we then have to wait for it to dry. This can take a few days depending on the colour, size or print. We do this to make sure the colour is right when dry when painted, as wet paint colours totally different to dry paint! We also make sure that any problem with prints are addressed and the quality is the highest of quality with it looking bright, colourful and vibrant. We only settle for HD images and as a result the picture of the splashback will be mint quality.

We also check the splash back for any marks, scratches or bubbles to make sure the product you are getting is perfect! We also have mastered a technique over the years of making sure the glass is packaged extremely well as it can be so that marks or damage during transit are limited to as less as possible. We like to make sure its secure and gets to you in the perfect quality it left us in!

6. Sending to courier or our installation team

Once your splashback is manufactured it is ready to be sent to our designated couriers that deliver your splashbacks across the UK. Some of the smaller splash backs can be fitted by our couriers if required for a small fee. The turnaround time currently is around 14-21 days from order to your door, this is the time it takes to manufacturer only the best quality splashbacks as listed on this page. Cutting the glass, toughening it and painted it take time to dry and settle before we can send it out, and only when we are happy you are getting the quality product we aim for.

We also have a local fitting and installation team that you can also choose, but we currently only offer this service locally in the West Midlands. If you have chosen this service our expert team can fit full made to measure kitchen splashbacks, including measuring and templating. This takes all the hassle away from you and lets our experts do all the work, making sure you get everything perfect while you sit back and relax. If you are interested in this service then do not hesitate to contact us your location, we can also give you a price depending how are you are away from our office in West Bromwich, West Midlands UK.

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